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Huafang Slewing Drive

 Jiangyin Huafang New Energy Hi-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd (Huafang Hi-Tech),professional slewing drive and slewing ring manufacturer in China, one of sub-companies of Huafang Group, is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China within one and half hour drive to Shanghai. Huafang Hi-Tech is equipped with over 120 advanced machines for manufacturing, inspection, test processes and two assembly lines, automatic cleaning and painting line and power coating line.

Our products include slewing drives, slewing ring and related components, which are mainly applied in single or dual axis solar tracking systems, construction vehicles, port machinery, modular vehicles and small wind power systems.

Slewing drives/reducers are being chosen by customers home and aboard for PV/ solar thermal tracking systems due to the combination of slewing ring with the hourglass worm shaft, which provides more tooth contact, increased drive torque and smoother rotation. There are nine (9) different sizes available from 3” to 25” with more than 60 models to meet both regular and precise tracking requirements in PV, CPV and solar thermal power tracking fields.

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