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Ningbo Ginlong Technologies has located it's head office in Zhejiang, China and also has international representation through offices in Europe, USA and Australia. Ginlong was established and has evolved to be a leader in it's field through the vision of a single person wanting to make a difference and the team he has brought together to realise that vision.

The company has machine and electrical product manufacturing expertise that spans more than 20 years. Those years have seen a team of dedicated engineers brought together for their international experience and skills to focus on the research and develpment of high end renewable energy products and equipment in the small scale wind and solar PV industry. Ginlong Technologies has grown to be a highly specialised company in the design, R&D, and manufacturing of very high quality small scale wind turbine equipment and solar PV inverters based on the delivery of reliability, durability and enviable productivity to the renewable energy sector.

Inverters are technologically the most complex and are of critical importance as a component in the design and successful operation of a solar PV system. Inverters convert the DC current generated from the solar PV cells into an AC current suitable for use on site or for export to the power distribution grid network. Ginlong has continually maintained a strong investment in research and development of their products and that of the production methods employed to deliver their leading edge technology. The Ginlong research and develoopment team includes several Ph.D holders who sppearhead and direct the skilled and experienced engineers who are resposible for, and crucial in providing solutions to the clients's R&D and production problems. Some of the innovative solutions have resulted in new patents for Ginlong company to protect its product and design. Ginlong inverters are fully tested and accredited for certification to the local requirements for those countries they are distibuted and supplied in.

Ginlong has developed and introduced some of the moste advanced manufacturing technologies into their production processes including Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Wave Soldering (WS), up to date state of the art production management and quality assurance systems and procedures to support the consistent delivery of high quality, reliable, durable products that will maintain high productivity even in challenging environments.

Customer service is an importnat element of the products and services supplied by Ginlong Technologies. By establishing local after sales and technical support centres around the globe, Ginlong has been able to provide its customers with real time support to resovle any query that may be presented.

Ginlong Technologies has become one of the world's most competitive manufactureres of solar PV and wind grid tied inverters through its leading edge delivery of renewable technology beased on quality, reliability, durability and productivity.