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GS-SOLAR(Fujian) Co., Ltd (GS-SOLAR) is a producer of thin film solar modules based on our proprietary equipment and proprietary manufacturing processes.GS-SOLAR is equipped with two solar cell manufacturing bases in Quanzhou and Beijing, and one R&D engineering institute of solar cell thin film technology and PV module manufacturing equipment engineering in Quanzhou. GS-SOLAR aims at being an international high-tech photovoltaic enterprise since its fouding and has obtained TUV certification, UL1703 certification, BV company's ISO9000 certification and CGC-SOLAR certification etc..

As our technology further improves and we achieve economies of scale through production expansion, we believe we can further reduce our manufacturing costs, with the goal of competing with conventional electricity solutions on a non-subsidized basis. Our goal is to provide the highest quality solar products that enhance the quality of life around your home at affordable prices.