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  • Fank from Barbados

    A local installer from Barbados. Search on the internet. Has installed the 25KW metal roof solar projects near the beach.

    • 25KW Topoint 285W Solar Panels
    • Free Technical Design
    • Online Support, Prompt reply via email or phone
    • High quality products with competitive price offers whole packaged system solutions. Ship to all over the world.


  • A 40KW Ground Solar Project in Ridgecrest CA

    Larry Trowsdale has just ordered the whole 40KW solar projects from ACOSolar.

    • 40KW Solarfennel 250W Solar Panels
    • 4PCS SMA Sunny Boy 10000TL-US-12
    • SMA SBCBTL6-10 Combiner Box
    • All the solar equipments is around $1.08/W, including freight & tax.